Eco Baltia

Joint Stock Company Eco Baltia is the largest multi-service waste management group in the Baltics in terms of turnover. Business of Eco Baltia covers the entire waste management value chain in Latvia, from organisation of waste recovery to waste collection, recyclables sorting and trading, and finally recycling. Eco Baltia subsidiaries hold leading positions in their segment of operations and are major tax payers in the cities and regions where they operate. Eco Baltia is also a responsible and stable employer, caring for the wellbeing and professional growth of its over 450 employees, as well as for labour safety. In 2011 the Group recorded consolidated revenue of LVL 26.6m (app. EUR 37.8m) and net profit of LVL 3.4m (app. EUR 4.8m). 




Waste collection companies successfully manage waste as well as provide other environmental services to private persons and companies.

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Sorting and trading of recyclables

The logistics, treatment and trading of recyclables is provided by company Eko Reverss.



Recycling of beverage plastic (PET) and polytehylene is provided by PET Baltija, Eko PET and Nordic Plast recycling factories.

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